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Going to the gym after work, playing a sport or doing exercise classes are all lifestyle patterns which can help to keep you fit and healthy. If you have a hectic job or very little free time on your hands, you may find it hard to motivate yourself. Perhaps you are unsure of what type of training to do or how to achieve and maintain those personal goals? Maybe you are bored with your current exercise routine? That’s where we can help. Offering professional advice and expert tuition, we will tailor make a motivating, effective and varied program. You will be coached by a highly qualified and fully insured instructor who will encourage you to meet your targets.


Convenience – Your tailor made workout schedule can be arranged to fit into your lifestyle, taking place at a venue of your choice or at our dedicated training centre.
Motivation – We will safely motivate you and help you achieve your personal goals.
Variety – Your program will be designed to include different exercises and drills.
Measured Progress – Your progress will be closely monitored, recorded and frequently discussed with you.
Confidence – Your general confidence will soar as a result of your improved well – being, leaving you less stressed to get on with every day life positively.
Expertise  Our team of instructors are all professional coaches and athletes, have competed at national & internationally level and highly experience in martial arts, health and fitness.
Diversity –   We are able to offer personal training courses in a wide range of disciplines which are listed below.
*Muay Thai
*Self Defence
*Boxercise & Combat Workouts
*Gym Supervision / Fitness Training
*Qigong (Relaxation Therapy)

We also offer the flexibility to combine any of the above disciplines. This will depend on your particular requirements which will be identified at an initial consultation session, where your goals, objectives and time-scale for expected results will be determined. You will be given nutritional advice.


You will discover new ways of exercising and will be made to feel secure with our sensitive and discreet instructors
You will receive expert guidance and motivation with your workout and will be assisted in incorporating this into your general lifestyle
You will gain self confidence knowing that all the exercises you perform are effective, safe, and will yield optimised results
Your posture and alignment will be checked throughout your workout maximising the effect of each exercise and promoting core stability
You will be assisted with post workout flexibility exercises promoting a shorter recovery time and preventing muscle stiffness

Contact us to book a consultation session today. We cater for individuals, families, small groups and international clients.

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