For those of our members who choose to compete, we offer a special class every Sunday geared specifically towards high level Training. The majority of these sessions are also open to non-members. Training covers both sparring & poomse and emphasis depends on the nature of competiton coming up plus the number of students competing in each event.

These sessions are mandatory for anyone wishing to compete and form part of the selection process for players wishing to represent the Academy.

Members who do not compete and attend these sessions have found them very beneficial in optimising their development and progress in the art.sam-flying

The training is at a very high fitness and skill level and is undertaken in contact or training bottoms and team T-shirts. These sessions are suitable for advanced students. Please check suitability before turning up.

The sessions normally last 2 hours, from 10.00am – 12.00pm and a full set of hogoo (protective equipment) and a jump rope is required.