The name Hwarang – pronounced ‘ha rrang’ originates from Korea and belongs to an ancient group of highly spirited elite fighting men also known as the ‘flower of manhood’. The hwarang bands, famous throughtout Korea for their revered fighting skills were companies of young men, in their teens. They

were sons of Korea’s military nobility and fought in the front lines in time of war. The Hwarang were instrumental in liberating the land now known as Korea from Japanese occupation.


Tae   = to jump and destroy with the feet

Kwon = to smash or break with the hands or fists

Do     = way or method

Taekwondo is recorded in history as early as 37B.C. Its practise is not just a cultivation

of movements and exercises, but of refined skills with spiritual and philosophical meaning. Today Taekwondo is increasing in popularity world-wide and has been identified as an effective self defence system and sport for people of both sexes and ages. The benefits of the art include improved flexibility and lean body tone, concentration, meditation and positive thinking, self discipline, cardiovascular fitness and self confidence. Taekwondo is an antidote to stress, apathy, lethargy, indifference and helps to avoid stiffness.

The 5 Elements of Taekwondo

Sparring     – Technical Fighting to a set of strictly adhered rules.

Poomse      – Imaginary fighting using a pre-arranged sequence of moves.

Improves coordination, speed, balance, focus and sharpens basic techniques.

Destruction – Breaking of wood, tiles, glass, ice, etc.

Used by advanced students for testing power and 3-way unification of mind, body, spirit.

Weapons    – Advanced students peform poomse with traditional martial arts weapons and practise

self-defence for realistic scenarious against an armed assailant.

Etiquette    – The old traditional ‘Masters Code of Conduct’ based on respect and discipline by which we               train our bodies and minds.

The Academy caters for beginners and accommodates all fitness levels. While most students join to keep fit, increase suppleness and boost self-confidence, others join for the competitive aspects and some merely for the self-fulfilment training at Hwarang gives them.