What is Poomse ? trigrams

Poomse is the Korean terminology used for a pattern of pre-arranged taekwondo moves.
These moves consist of blocks, strikes and kicks.

Whilst performing Poomse, the Taekwondo practitioner must use their techniques to fight off imaginary opponents, from multiple directions.

All WTF forms including Black Belt level poomse begin with defensive blocking techniques that are followed by a counter attack.

Forms should be practised constantly until they are perfected and can be performed without thought, this is necessary in order to promote improvement in skill.

It is only when a particular form is perfected that a student begins to understand its meaning. The practise of forms is a fundamental part of Taekwondo training, as all Taekwondo moves depend on these basic actions.

Check Points of Poomse

As all Poomse are a series of alternate attack and defence actions, there are frequent changes and connections of techniques. Attention must be payed to the movement of the body, eyes, footwork and breathing. The steps of learning and practising Poomse are as follows:

A perfect memorisation of the Poomse line, movements and direction.
A complete understanding of the significance of each Poomse and its composition.

During the practice, the following checkpoints must be taken into consideration:

* Eyes
* Movement of the centre of balance
* Speed
* Application of force
* Breathing

In addition to the above, self style, study and practical use must be considered.

Successful Poomse training is achieved through constant repetition whilst observing the checkpoints above.